RUMBLE 2012, June 11-16

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UCLA A.UD RUMBLE | JUNE 11 – 16, 2012

RUMBLE with UCLA’s Architecture and Urban Design faculty and students and engage in the shifting edge of contemporary critical thinking and design innovation at UCLA. 10,000 square feet of year-end studio and program installations redefine the provocative opportunities confronting the next generation of architects.
Review | 9am - 1pm
Zach Riddley | Technology Seminar | Room 1118
Symposium | 4pm – 6pm
Perloff Hall Courtyard
Moving Architecture
Hosted by Sylvia Lavin 
Participants: Nicholas de Monchaux, Sanford Kwinter, Michael Osman, and Andrew Zago
Drawing has always played a central if complex role in the ideation of architecture. At times a means to an end, at others an end in itself, the drawing is where architecture negotiates the nature of its own objecthood. Today, the drawing has been set in motion through both filmic and digital media. Indeed, the rendering of architecture as mobile is one of the most symptomatic features of contemporary architecture. This brief symposium will focus on the moving architectural drawing and will distinguish the specifically disciplinary aspects of Moving Architecture from the more generic condition of films about architecture.  
Exposition Opening | 6-9pm

Perloff Hall, Courtyard
Perloff Hall
RUMBLE Studio Reviews |  9am – 1pm
Heather Roberge | 403C.3 Research Studio | Decafe
Thom Mayne with Eui-Sung Yi |  403C.2 Research Studio | Room B227
Kevin Daly, Jason Payne, Hadrian Predock, Mohamed Sharif | 401.1 Techcore | Room B222
Georgina Huljich| 143 Technology III - Digital Technology | Room 1224 
Craig Hodgetts, Barton Myers, Ben Refuerzo | 415 Comprehensive Design Studio | Room 1243ABC
Roger Sherman | 123 Studio III | Room B320
RUMBLE Studio Reviews |  2pm - 6pm
Kivi Sotamaa | 403C.4 Research Studio | Decafe
Neil Denari and Stephen Deters | Suprastudio M.Arch. II | Perloff Gallery
Mark Mack | 403C.1 Research Studio | Room 1209B
Craig Hodgetts, Barton Myers, Ben Refuerzo | 415 Comprehensive Design Studio | Room 1243ABC
Roger Sherman | 123 Studio III | Room B320
RUMBLE Reception and Student Awards | 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition Opening | 6pm-9pm
8x 4x 2x 1x
June 14­-16, 2012
Architecture, once considered not merely a generically spatial art but the arbiter of space itself, has increasingly turned its attention to time instead. The most evident symptom of this development is the now ubiquitous presence of moving images of architecture. The static view has all but disappeared as fly throughs, animations, films, and videos have adjusted the tempo of every conceivable aspect of the architectural landscape. Today, all buildings are thought at speed, as unfolding operations and environments. 8x4x2x1x samples an emerging repertoire of gaits, paces, shuffles, and flows that both embed architecture in the broader logics of contemporary culture as well as make architecture more difficult to capture and regulate. The show argues that the deliberate exploration of the proliferating cadences of architecture will convert the increasingly dumb territory of digital representation in to a new era in the field's experimental project.
Friday and Saturday, June 15-16 | 11am-6pm
Mackey Apartments, Penthouse suite
1137 South Cochran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019-2863
UCLA A.UD would like to thank Shelter Co., Ltd., Earl Gales, George Kechung Chou, Lance O’Donnell, Lisa Wong and Tim Couch, Hak Sik Son, Julie Eizenberg and Hank Koning, Allen York, Brian Maridon, Mutual Trading, and the Mak Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles for their support. 
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