POOL Issue No. 2


An architecture magazine considers rules. In our general climate of instability, contemporary architectural practices have exhibited an interest in systems that reach beyond the individual narrative. Instead, the prescribed methods and rubrics for producing a status quo provide an expanded, even populist ground for analysis and creativity.

Size: 12"x16"|


Laida Aguirre
Heidi Alexander
Ashley Bigham
Jonah Bokaer
Dana Cuff
First Office
Galo Canizares
Ekaterina Dovjenko
Leonard Koren (Wet Magazine)
Andrew Kovacs (Archive of Affinities)
MAIO Architects
Max Kuo
Mark Mack
Michael Osman
Maria Osado (Guerxs)
Eva Franch i Gilabert, Carlos Mingues and Jacob Reidel (OfficeUS)
Jason Payne
Nicholas Perseo
David Ramis
Clark Thenhaus (Endemic)
Stacy Tran & Sara Sutter

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About POOL

POOL is the student magazine of the Department of Architecture & Urban Design at the University of California, Los Angeles.

POOL is driven by an interest in an expanding definition of architectural work that, in a culture of high volume content exchange, considers curation as a primary form of cultural production. Following this, we contend that the syllabus, the archive, and the aggregator are all valid forms of architectural work that we welcome and encourage in our publication.

POOL is a site of this type of work, experimenting with interface between its three primary platforms: event, digital, and print. Events and ongoing digital publication act not only as productive indicators of relevant themes, but also feed into an annual print edition.

POOL aspires to reach new audiences, seeing the separation of fields into hermeneutic discourses as unproductive, and strives instead for the inclusion of new and unexpected audiences through the incorporation of media unconventional to architectural discourse.

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Co-Managing Editors:  Jesse Hammer, Mackenzie Keith
Co-Content Editors:  Aubrey Bauer,  Tessa Watson
Graphic Editor:  Marrisa Jena Meeks
Digital Editor:  Joyce Ip
Production Editor:  Ryan Hernandez
Event Editor:  Sai Rojanapirom
Finance Editor:  Alyssa Koehn
PhD Advisor:  Megan Meulemans