UCLA Architecture and Urban Design seeks a Lecturer to co-teach with lead instructor Guvenc Ozel for the 2018/19 SUPRASTUDIO at the IDEAS campus.

SUPRASTUDIO is a research platform in architecture education that advances research, experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaboration among professors, students, and industry collaborators to expand the boundaries of architectural practice. The program is a one-year post-professional course of study that leads to a Masters of Architecture degree. Throughout the year, students work on a dedicated research topic to build a continuous and in depth line of study. SUPRASTUDIO fills a current void in architecture education by providing a dedicated program and satellite campus for advanced applied research for the future of architecture and urban design.

OZEL SUPRASTUDIO. Los Angeles, California

The Architecture and Urbanism of the Internet:

Extending our ongoing research on robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and computational design systems, the Ozel Suprastudio: DataSpaces will explore the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds as a synthesized environment that enhances communication among the citizens of the information age. 

Architecture of Data/ Data Architecture:
As the most dominant platform for communication, the internet is often referred to as “cyberspace”. Current forms of interface design and organizational logics of information over the internet however exist as environments only in the world of allegories, preventing the participants from interacting spatially with these streams of data. Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies have the potential to transform information navigation, social media interaction and other modes of communication, productivity and entertainment into environments that can be designed with architectural considerations. Viewed as an ecosystem of technologies rather than tectonic assemblage of materials, architecture is shifting toward a non-static and non-physical form of experience, opening up potentials for it to be considered as a medium that merges the worlds of media and materiality. Based on these observations, the studio will explore environmental applications of media in the form of virtual and augmented reality, sensor interaction with environments and real time control and transformation of architectural spaces. Primarily concerned with digital display and representation of objects and consumption of media, the studio will translate these ideas by re-thinking architectural conventions and building and urban typologies. The research will aim to give form to dominant web based platforms, transforming their interaction into an architectural scale through Virtual Reality. Meanwhile the studio will investigate media integration to existing architectures of communication and socialization, such as museums, convention and performance halls, shared business spaces, spaces of learning and other environments of public display and exchange of information, images and sounds.


Social Media, Telepresence and the New Representation of Self:
Through the proliferation of social media, virtual avatars, sensory simulations and holograms, current and future forms of technological communications simulate experiences with precision and without exclusively relying on the physical presence of their subjects. In these radically different new social environments, architecture is conceived as a cyberphysical system, designed not only for the use of people but also for the digital occupancy of avatars as its new subjects. Constructing architecture enhanced by and built with media, the studio will investigate scenarios where occupants of such architectures travel seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds. By questioning the role of representation in the process of constructing realities and environments, the studio will focus on the potentials of such virtual tools to formulate a reformed agenda for the role of the digital in the contemporary practice of architecture.

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UCLA is seeking to fill a one-year Lecturer appointment to co-teach this curriculum under the curricular direction and supervision of Guvenc Ozel. The Lecturer’s primary responsibility is to co-teach and support the lead instructor in his day-to-day tasks and functions as they relate to courses, curriculum or program development.

Reports to the Chair of the Department of Architecture & Urban Design
• Under the leadership of the SUPRASTUDIO lead Faculty, co-teach SUPRASTUDIO;
• Under the leadership of SUPRASTUDIO lead Faculty, teach two technology seminars; 
• Under the leadership of SUMMER lead Faculty, co-teach the SUMMER studio and technology lecture;
• Help develop the studio curriculum and instructional plan;
• Prepare and deliver lectures & tutorials;
• Mentor, evaluate and monitor students on academic progress and research projects;

The ideal candidate will be future-oriented and have experience in a broad range of design disciplines, such as digital design tools, augmented/ virtual reality, physical computing, digital fabrication, interactivity and sensors, media technology such as projections and beyond.

We anticipate this appointment to be a one-year Lecturer position for the period July 2018 to June 2019.

Minimum requirements include:
• Advanced degree (M. Arch or equivalent) in architecture 
• Prior experience teaching design 
• Advanced background in digital modeling, animation and rendering software and computational design tools such as Maya and Grasshopper;
• Advanced knowledge of gaming engines such as Unity or similar; 
• Advanced experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality pipelines;
• Experience in industrial robots, physical computing, electromechanical systems, sensors.

Additional experience desired includes the following: 
• Machine Learning and AI;
• Advanced animation and rendering software such as Houdini, Cinema 4D and Octane;
• Design and fabrication of full-scale development prototypes;
• Digital fabrication and 3D Printing;
• Knowledge of video editing & projection mapping;

How to apply:
Candidates are asked to submit a letter of intent with a curriculum vitae, examples of work as a PDF with additional links to relevant videos and web content, and the names, phone numbers, mail and email addresses of three references who are able to provide a knowledgeable evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications. Examples of work should be submitted digitally at the following link:  https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/apply/JPF03767

UCLA Architecture & Urban Design
Attn: OZEL LECTURER Search Committee
1317 Perloff Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Los Angeles, CA



  • Curriculum Vitae - Your most recently updated C.V.

  • Letter of Intent with a statement of teaching

  • Examples of creative work, with a description of each project (non-returnable)

  • Statement of Contributions to Diversity - Statement addressing past and/or potential contributions to diversity through research, teaching, and/or service. (Optional)

  • Misc / Additional (Optional)


3-5 references required (contact information only)


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