Deadline to apply: June 30, 2017

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design seeks a Lecturer to co-teach with lead instructor Mark Mack for the 2017/2018 MACK-SUPRASTUDIO at the IDEAS campus.

SUPRASTUDIO is a research platform in architecture education that advances experimentation and cross-discipline collaboration among professors, students, and industry collaborators to expand the boundaries of architectural practice. The program is a one-year post-professional course of study that leads to a Masters of Architecture degree. Throughout the year, students work on a dedicated research topic to build a continuous and in depth line of study. SUPRASTUDIO fills a current void in architecture education by providing a dedicated program and satellite campus for advanced applied research for the future of architecture and urban design.

MACK SUPRASTUDIO. Los Angeles, California
The studio’s mission will be to explore how architecture and design can enhance performance based activities and how to create an experimental platform for mind bending form, space and image through the use new visual and robotic technologies. Architecture as Performance can expand the limitations caused by standard material consciousness and financial restrains, leading to find a new client base and applications appreciative of new spatial concepts and experiences.

Rather than thinking of architecture as a static housing for events or performances, a new architecture using the advances in temporary staging, robotized movements, light and visual eruptions will emerge. This in turn can stimulate new experiences achieved through new visual and ephemeral technologies that can take over portions of the public realm, to expand architecture and urban space into a performance oriented space. Music, Theater and Visual Art will conspire and transport us into a new realm of urban and architectural experiences. Pre requisite include but are not limited to experiences and desires to work at the connectivity of performance oriented fields with real and virtual architecture.

For more information and to apply: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/apply/JPF03061