"Architecture is facing its own award-season controversy"

L.A. Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne ranks No.1 Professor Craig Hodgetts and alumni Ming Fung's (M.Arch. 1980) (Hodgetts + Fung) Temporary Powell Library, UCLA, from 1992 (dismantled 1997) in his top 25 list. 

“What the 25 Year Award does is simultaneously celebrate a particular building and give us a peek into the state of architecture culture when that building was completed. To be specific, it reminds us how the first (the building) changed the second (the culture). That's where the "precedent" phrase comes in. This is an honor meant to recognize turning points. 

In that spirit I set a challenge for myself: Could I come up not just with one but with 25 buildings that might have deserved the award this year? It took me a few days — and I was helped by some terrific suggestions from architects, critics and historians on Twitter and elsewhere online — but in the end finding 25 wasn't that difficult.

Once I'd settled on the group of 25 I set myself the further challenge of trying to rank them in order of their suitability for the award, with the best candidates first. Some of these buildings are more important for their effect on the profession than their quality or execution in material terms; in other cases the reverse is true. Here's my list: Temporary Powell Library, UCLA, Hodgetts & Fung, 1992 (dismantled 1997)." 

-Christopher Hawthorne

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