Lecture: Propeller Z_Kabru


Monday, November 26 | 6:30pm
Perloff Hall, Decafe, UCLA Campus

Since 1994 Propeller Z has developed a variety of standards in fields ranging from architecture, interior design, exhibition/set design, and graphic design to experimental work. With each new project the office seeks to discover through a nonlinear, productive analysis a means by which to reveal, sharpen and - at times use unorthodox ways to formulate solutions. 
Propeller Z´s work performs a balancing act within a web composed of functional, programmatic, and financial constraints. Isolated interests of each of these elements creates a constant shift between globalism, specialism, and individualism. This continuous discourse develops in a heterogeneous team ensuring that each design decision remains a source of discussion where the proportionality of means is constantly monitored. This process allows them to consciously prevent a recurring style to occur.
Perloff Hall is located on the UCLA Campus.
Perloff Hall, M-F, 9am – 5pm
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