A.UD Lecutrer Jimenez Lai’s book launches of Treatise, a series of publications funded by the Graham Foundation, wherein 14 relatively new design offices explored the question "Why Write Alone?” took place at the Graham Foundation in Chicago and at the VDL House in Los Angeles this spring.

In conjunction with The Graham Foundation’s Treatise: Why Write Alone?an exhibition and publication project that brings together fourteen young design offices to consider the architectural treatise as a site for theoretical inquiry, experimentation, and debate. Organized by Chicago and Los Angeles-based designer Jimenez Lai, the project grows out of a recent Graham Foundation grant to Lai, whose interest in discursive practices and non-conformist approaches to architecture led him to ask his peers working in the realm of conceptual architecture: Why write? And, why write alone? In response to these questions, Treatise presents an exhibition of works by this core group of designers as well as an individual treatise from each office. Together, the exhibition and publications provide a platform to investigate the collective and individual stakes that emerge from this temporary alliance of designers as they explore architecture’s representational limits and possibilities.

The exhibition and publication features work from emerging talents such as A.UD Visiting Professor Andrew Kovacs (Los Angeles), Point Supreme, A.UD Alumni Antonio Torres and Michael Loverich of Bittertang (New York), SOFTLab and A.UD Ph.D student Alex Maymind.