LAB Talk #2 – Thursday, March 9 | 7:30pm (admission free)
LA Emerging: Six Ways Forward
Los Angeles is a historic site of experimentation, innovation and growth. What are the design challenges young architects in LA are facing? What do emerging creators see as the future of architecture in the city? Hosted by Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times. He will moderate a discussion with members of the six young architect teams featured in the exhibit. 

An exhibit marking ten years of influential research from cityLAB posits innovative solutions for the future of Los Angeles and the 21st century metropolis.

For the past ten years, cityLAB - UCLA has been at the center of innovation thought about the architecture of the city, particularly in Los Angeles. The “cityLAb, Times Ten” exhibition showcases the lab’s research on some of the critical challenges facing the 21st century metropolis ranging from housing to density and transportation.

Collaborative, experimental projects serve as prototypes of progressive architecture that holds multiplier effects, with the potential to impact the urban fabric of Southern California and beyond. The work from cityLAB is exhibited in three categories: Desk, Neighbor, and Place. Looking to the future, creative projects from six of Los Angeles’ most talented young architects explore the city’s coming decade.

Bringing together some of LA's outstanding cultural journalists with civic leaders, designers, and innovators from accross the city, LAB Talks” will offer a vibrant and engaging inversitagion of the visions and questions posed by the show, as well as an exploration of the strategic partnerships mobilizing new directions for the city.  

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