SpaceX: The March to Mars

Brandon Pearce, Senior Director of avionics and hardware development SpaceX

IDEAS Lectures


Brandon Pearce, senior director of avionics and hardware development at SpaceX, joins us to to discuss how we can change our relationship to space. Starting with the Falcon 1, continuing through to Falcon 9 and Dragon, SpaceX has been improving the reliability of rockets and spacecraft while also making them more affordable.  SpaceX is currently working on developing a fully reusable rocket—the key breakthrough necessary to establish human life on Mars.

The IDEAS Lecture Series charts a dynamic new future for architecture by engaging speakers from a broad range of disciplines. The series looks beyond the field's traditional boundaries and explores topics arising from unexpected quarters—entertainment, automotive, aerospace, and tech industries—in order to explore rapidly emerging new technologies, possibilities for interdisciplinary growth, and the role of Los Angeles in the evolution of architecture.

The Architecture and Urban Design IDEAS Lecture Series is generously supported by Paul and Herta Amir.

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