Qualcomm: Smart City

Brian Dunphy

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Since early 2009, according to UN demographers, more than 50 percent of the world's population lives in cities. By mid-century, more than 70 percent will. With this migration into the pulsing metropolis comes an acceleration of the pace of life. It's what makes cities so productive, creative and vibrant. Smart connected devices are playing an increasing role in helping people navigate through these cities, discovering the places, services or things that are of interest to them whenever they want and wherever they are.   Smart personal devices don't just connect us to our immediate surroundings and our social networks. They allow us to see and interact with urban infrastructure networks of mind-boggling complexity in real-time. These devices are both a new lens on the dynamic life of the city around us—directing us to attractions, people and constantly changing events around us—but also remote controls we can use to activate the world at a distance—hail a taxi, direct a colleague, rendezvous with a friend, or summon a food delivery. 

These smart connected devices are playing an indispensable role in our lives whether we are out and about, at home, in retail environments or in entertainment venues, providing us with relevant information or services in each of these locations and/or enabling us to interact digitally with other connected devices within our proximity.  This new connected world is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to reshape the world we live in and how we interact in it…as we move from an analog to digital living experience.   

Brian Dunphy, Senior Director of Business Development

At the forefront of the smart device revolution is Qualcomm Inc., who for 27 years has been driving the mobile ecosystem.  Brian Dunphy, Sr. Director, Business Development has been with Qualcomm for nearly 14 years and has played a key role in launching new products and services that advance Qualcomm’s position in the connected world.  He will discuss how the smartphone is creating a digital sixth sense for users and providing new opportunities for innovators, architects and entrepreneurs.  

The IDEAS Lecture Series charts a dynamic new future for architecture by engaging speakers from a broad range of disciplines. The series looks beyond the field's traditional boundaries and explores topics arising from unexpected quarters—entertainment, automotive, aerospace, and tech industries—in order to explore rapidly emerging new technologies, possibilities for interdisciplinary growth, and the role of Los Angeles in the evolution of architecture. The Architecture and Urban Design IDEAS Lecture Series is generously supported by Paul and Herta Amir.

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