Bot and Dolly: Movement and Precision

Tobias Kinnebrew, Director of Product Strategy

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Robotics is on the cusp of transforming practices and capabilities across a huge range of creative endeavors.  This technological leap, driven in part by improvement in mechanical capabilities, is primarily the result of translating a formerly inaccessible and expert programming experience into a set of intuitive human interfaces bringing the power of robotics to non-roboticists. Equipped with a spectacularly diverse new tool, flexible but precise control over movement, creative leaders across the planet are challenging our notion of what is possible.

Tobias Kinnebrew, Director of Product Strategy

For over a decade, Tobias has been leading visionary strategic thinking at the cutting edge of technology in experience, business, and engineering. After 8 years at Microsoft, driving design for the company's most radical and breakthrough products and experience concepts, he recently joined the robotics and creative firm Bot and Dolly as Director of Product Strategy with the mission to advance our ability as humans to intuitively interface with the rapidly expanding number of robots populating our world. 

Bot and Dolly is a design and engineering studio that specializes in automation, robotics, and filmmaking. It's our mission to advance motion control and automation as a creative medium, and build world-class tools that enable others to do the same. At the core of our technology is an integrated software/hardware platform that provides precise and expressive control of 6-axis industrial robots.  We dream about where they'll be used next.

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