Michael Osman

Assistant Professor, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

A.UD Lectures


Monday, January 25, 2016 at 6:30pm
Decafe, Perloff Hall

Michael Osman
Assistant Professor, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

Introduction and conversation with Erin Besler.

UCLA A.UD Assistant Professor Michael Osman teaches courses in the history and theory of modern architecture. His scholarship focuses on the technological, environmental, and economic aspects of architectural history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, relating the infrastructure that undergirds the process of modernization to the historiography of modernist architecture.

This lecture will present recent research on the history of construction materials. The focus will be the standardization of steel, from its chemical composition, to its various shapes, to its performance. The aim is to understand the value of universality for modernist discourse, against the evidence that standards actually proliferated differences in this material.

Introduction and discussion will be led by Erin Besler.

50 Years of Advancing Design, Technology, and Culture
During its 50-year history, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design has been an innovator in identifying what architects are taught.  From the invention of 3D computer programs; to the integration of sustainability in a design curriculum; to the incorporation of large scale CNC robotics in a school of architecture in the world; the Department has critically defined the topics, curriculum, and knowledge necessary to keep its graduates relevant in a changing world.  During 2015-16 we will celebrate our 50th year by honoring the Department’s faculty and their many innovations and accomplishments with a series of presentations and conversations.