Writer, Author Made in Japan: 100 New Products

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Writer, Author Made in Japan: 100 New Products

From chairs to cutlery, Japan creates some of the most innovative, elegant, and well-made objects in the world.  Combining high aesthetic standards with cutting-edge technology, many of these designs turn everyday items into functional works of art that look as good in a museum as on a kitchen counter. Created for the Japanese consumer, these products reflect the way people live, work and play in a country that prizes both exceptional craftsmanship and industrial perfection.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Tokyo University, Naomi Pollock is an American architect who lives in Tokyo where she writes about design in Japan. Her work has appeared in numerous publications on both sides of the Pacific, including A+UDwellJutakutokushuWallpaper* and Architectural Record for whom she is the Special International Correspondent. In addition, she is the author of Modern Japanese House and Hitoshi Abe, and the co-author of New Architecture in Japan. Made in Japan: 100 New Products is her most recent book.

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