Sylvia Lavin is an internationally known critic, historian, and curator whose work explores the limits of architecture across a wide spectrum of historical periods. Her most recent books include Kissing Architecture, published by Princeton University Press in 2011 and The Flash in the Pan and Other Forms of Architectural Contemporaneity, forthcoming. She the curator of Everything Loose Will Land, a large-scale exhibition focusing on the intersections between art and architecture in Los Angeles during the 1970s.  Her next exhibition, Creative Spaces, explores the relationship between architecture and the radical redefinitions of creativity that have taken place since the advent of computing. She is currently the Director of the Critical Studies and M.A./Ph.D. programs in the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA, where she was Chairperson from 1996 to 2006, and The Curatorial Project, a collaborative design and research group that supports the critical engagement with experimental architecture in the public realm. Ms. Lavin has taught at Princeton, Harvard, Columbia and numerous other institutions and has been recognized by many grants and awards, most recently from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Getty Research Institute, and the Graham Foundation. She is currently working on The Duck and The Document: True Stories of Postmodern Procedures, an exhibition that originated at the Princeton School of Architecture Gallery as Salvage, will be opening at the SCI-Arc Gallery in 2017 and in an expanded form at the Canadian Center for Architecture in 2018.



Ph.D., Columbia
M.A., Columbia
B.A., Barnard


2012 Graham Foundation

2011 Arts and Letters Award

2004-05 Getty Center

Kress Foundation

Social Science Research Council