Lecturer SUPRASTUDIO Guvenc Ozel


Mertcan Büyüksandalyaci is a designer and a researcher concentrating on the intersection of architecture and technology. He has worked in various design firms including The Jerde Partnership on various housing, commercial and urban projects. His current exploration focuses on robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and digital fabrication; and his primary objective is to develop systems which merge these platforms with architecture to create dynamic, interactive spaces using cyber-physical systems. His recent works simultaneously take place in both digital and physical mediums linked by complex computational tools.


Image credits:
1 and 4: PHONOSCOPE / in collaboration with Ruslan Antonenko and Onur Karaduman
3: FOLD-UP / in collaboration with Beyza Paksoy, Raoyang Yang and Xiangru Xu
5: ADAPTIVE CONTINUUM / in collaboration with Shahrzad Razi
6: Image courtesy of The Jerde Partnership, Inc.


B.Arch: Istanbul Technical University
M.Arch: Politecnico di Milano
M.Arch II: University of California, Los Angeles