In 1976 Mark Mack founded Western Addition, an organization devoted to fine architecture. He was also co-founder and editor of Archetype Magazine. Since 1984,  he leads Mack Architect(s) in Venice, CA. A UCLA faculty member since 1993, Mack was previously a professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Mark's interest is in housing as an architectural discipline and has completed highly published projects in Fukouka, Japan and Judenburg, Austria. Current projects range from housing, museum and institutional buildings in the States, hospitality and mixed use complexes in the Middle East and housing projects in Austria and Korea. Most Recently, Mack Architect(s) was awarded the Korea National Housing competition to develop a new model of low-density residential and sustainable community living near Seoul, Korea.

Mark Mack


Magister Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria