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Graduate and Undergraduate Programs at A.UD


Thank you for your interest in applying to UCLA Architecture and Urban Design. The Department offers five distinct graduate programs (three professional and two academic,) and an undergraduate program. Students interested in applying to our programs are encouraged to join our email list to receive information on upcoming deadlines and open house.

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Graduate Programs

Master of Architecture I (M.Arch.I): This is a three-year professional program providing a comprehensive education in Architecture. Applicants holding a four-year architectural or non-architectural Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent are eligible to apply. The M.Arch.I program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Master of Architecture I (M.Arch.I) / Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M.U.R.P.) (Joint Degree): This concurrent degree program is for students who seek to integrate social, economic, and/or environmental policy issues on a deeper level with architecture. Successful completion in this program earns students two degrees: a Master of Architecture, and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning. Applicants must meet the requirements of each department in order to be considered for admission.

Master of Architecture II (M.Arch.II): This is a one-year applied research post-professional degree program open to students with a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree or graduate degree from an NAAB accredited program in the U.S., or foreign equivalent.

Master of Arts (M.A.): This two-year academic program prepares students for specialized research, consulting, and teaching in fields related to architecture and urban design. Concentration is in critical studies in architectural culture. Courses are organized around faculty interests. The M.A. best accommodates specialization in the academic aspects of the architectural discipline.  

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture (Ph.D.): This advanced academic research program prepares students to conduct original scholarly research in topics of importance to the field of architecture and urbanism today. Courses are organized around faculty interests. Concentration is in critical studies in architectural culture. The length of time to completion averages six years of study.


Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (B.A.): This program is a two-year undergraduate major that begins in the junior year of residence. Students engage architecture and urban design from a humanist, historical, and critical theory perspective. UCLA sophomores and students applying to transfer to UCLA from a community college or other university are eligible to apply. This program is not open to freshman applicants to UCLA, and is not accredited for professional licensure. For further information, including deadlines, please click here.

Download a PDF of the Undergraduate program catalog here.

Transferring to UCLA? Please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for eligibility requirements.

Applications are only accepted for the Fall term. The Fall 2018 graduate application is available in September. An overview of the Fall 2018 application deadlines is as follows:

Graduate Applicant Deadlines
Dec 15, 2017        Deadline for M.Arch.I, M.A. and Ph.D applications
Jan 06, 2018         Deadline for M.Arch.II applications
Mar 15, 2018         Applicants will be notified of our admissions decision
Apr 15, 2018         Deadline for admitted students to file intent to register

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the A.UD's Admissions Office:

Email: admissions@aud.ucla.edu
Phone: 310.825.7857 or 310.825.0525

The A.UD main office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Please note: The admissions staff are not able to offer building tours, but visitors are welcome to take a self-guided tour of our facilities. Campus tours are available through Undergraduate Admissions.